About me.

Kosta Čemerikić

M.Sc., Graphic Engineering and Design

Engaged in graphic arts and print technology since the age of fifteen through education and first hand work experience. Another 15 years later I went on to make my freelance design career a definite focus, specializing in clean, modernist aesthetic.

I believe in craftsmanship and attention to detail. In balance of artistic vision and technical precision. And above all, in power of a design to elevate and advance what it represents.

Client testimonials

“Kosta takes the time to truly understand what your brand is trying to communicate about you before he starts the design. The design was excellent and he takes the time to explain why he has selected the design and what he is trying to convey for you. Totally open to collaboration, and responds immediately. I highly recommend and look forward to working with Kosta on other projects.”

– Glenn Martin (Martin Group)

“Kosta is simply an outstanding designer. He is extremely professional, creative, knowledgeable and genuine. This is the second time we’ve engaged Kosta’s services and both times found that he responds really positively to feedback and direction, producing designs exactly as requested but also explaining while he feels something works or needs further consideration, very much guiding the creative process to ensure everyone feels comfortable with the finished product – a really rare find. Can’t recommend Kosta highly enough.”

– Kathy Smart (ASPIRE)

“Kosta is a very professional designer. He takes his time to understand the intended purpose of the design and works hard to incorporate both the proposed ideas and his own into a final product. He’s very responsive in his communication which makes the process so much more fluid. I’m very pleased with the project I did with him.”

– Erik Håkansson (Snapcode)

“Kosta is probably one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. I mean it. Excellent creativity, prompt, good comms, reasonable costs, fast turn around”

– Mike Dewhirst (Evolve Dynamics)

“Kosta is incredibly talented, communicative and prompt with his deliveries. It’s unfortunate that Kosta is so far away from my business’s headquarters, otherwise, I would hire him full-time today.”

– David E. Leibell (Bellows)

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